Rules for Players/Users

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Rules for Players/Users

Post by Stella Ricci on Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:34 am

1. No oorp { out of roleplay } bullying.
2. This is a descriptive roleplay so four or more lines when replying to things.
3. Cussing is totally allowed. Smut/18+ things are allowed BUT you must make a separate topic for just you and that player to roleplay that in. Understand?
4. No excluding people. Everyone is to be involved. No ignoring people.
5. Be creative with your characters. The entire bio/profile is to be filled out. You are allowed to put 'none' in some areas but no one is allowed to be perfect or have no backstory. No matter what.
6. No hybrid characters. At all. None.
7. If they are a werewolf or something include what they look like transformed in the appearance section.
8. You have a week to post your bio after you join.
9. Try to use good grammar and spelling. It gets annoying after a million mistakes in a reply.
10. You must reply at least once a week. Do not feel ignored if you are gone for a long time and the roleplay went on. No one is gonna stop time for you.
11. Please above your reply enter who its aimed to. Whether its their character's name or their username. It helps things not be as confusing.
12. On the roleplaying area, if you have a location recomendation, send it to me or another admin.
13. To request to be an admin you must be a member for a few days/weeks and/or i must know you off of this site and know that you are trustworthy. Very few people will become admins.
14. Your profile picture must be of your character. Your username must be your character's name. All the information is for your character. No personal information except for in the contact area if you want.
15. Wait for me to approve of your bio before you go to the roleplay area.
16. You can have as many accounts as you want, but you may only have one character on each account.
17. The location of this roleplay is in New York so your character must end up in New York at some point during their backstory.
18. Do NOT make a new topic in the roleplay area unless it is for smut.
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