Lucas Jones - Male - 19

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Lucas Jones - Male - 19

Post by Stella Ricci on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:47 pm

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Name: Lucas Jones
Nicknames: Lucky, Little Detective
Age: 19
Birthday: January 2
Zodiac: Capricorn
Nationality: American
Native Tongue: English
Other Languages: Spanish, French
Species: Human
Occupation: Exorcist / Monster Hunter and part time Life Guard
Sexuality: Homosexual
Religion: Atheist
Personality: Socially Awkward, Serious, Hard-worker, Quiet, Lonely, Has trouble with trust
Likes: Swimming, Reading, Writing, Work, Shopping, Food, Animals/Nature, Cacti, Winter
Dislikes: Summer, Heights, Spiders, Romantic Movies/Books, The Dark
Fears: The Dark, Spiders, Heights
Strengths: Good with weapons, Hard-worker, Can easily focus, fast reader, bilingual, easily blends in
Weaknesses: Socially Awkward, His fears, Sensitive

Emily Jones / Mother / 41 / Good Terms

Arthur Jones / Father / 43 / Good Terms

Bruce Jones / Brother / 22 / Decent Terms

Pet(s): none
Household: A two floored house.
Weapons: Baseball bat, Assault rifle, Machete, Hammer, ext.
Backstory: His brother was born in Utah but his family moved to New York when his brother was two and a year later he was born. His family had their ups and downs, his father cheated on his mother for two years but they never got a divorce. His brother moved out and went to England for college and to get away from home when he was 18. Lucas lived with him a bit but came back to New York and got himself a small house.
Talent(s): Monster hunting, Writing, Swimming
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Swimming
Extra Information:
He loves waffles with his whole heart.
He is saving up to get a pet lizard from a nearby pet store.

Strength - 4/10
Sex Appeal - 5/10
Teamwork - 7/10
Speed - 7/10
Eyesight - 9/10
Accuracy w/ Aim - 8/10
Distance w/ Aim - 9/10
Health Endurance - 7/10
Stamina - 4/10
Mana - 6/10
Wisdom/Intelligence - 8/10
Agility - 9/10
Immune System - 7/10
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