Callum Stuart - Male - 20

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Callum Stuart - Male - 20

Post by Stella Ricci on Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:54 pm

This user could not post their bio/profile so i did it for them.
Name: Callum Stuart
Nicknames: Cal
Age: 20
Birthday: August Seventh
Zodiac: Leo
Nationality: Scottish
Native Tongue: Gaelic
Other Languages: English
Species: Water Kelpie
Sexuality: Bisexual
Religion: Atheism
Personality: Quiet, awkward at first, more outgoing when befriended, loyal, overall friendly, stubborn
Likes:Water, fish, nature, swimming pools, the beach, being alone, quiet, horses
Dislikes:Large crowds, sushi, the color pink, animal abusers, poachers, saddles
Fears:Being captured/being found out, hurricanes/natural disasters, hooks
Strengths:Strong swimmer, fast, enhanced strength and stamina
Weaknesses:Awkward at running/walking, painful shifting
(human form)              
(horse form)

Mother : Regina, positive relationship, deceased

Father : Calvin, negative relationship, 49 years old

Step-Mother: Flora, negative relationship, 30 years old

Step-Brother : Jakob, positive relationship, 12 years old
Pet(s):Fish(Male, Australian Kelpie)

Household: Lives in a beach house with his step-mother, step-brother, and father

Abilities:Shape-Shifting, breathe underwater, speak to aquatic-animals, resistant to water pressure, water-travel
Weapons: N/A
Backstory: Born in the waters of Scotland, Callum was raised to be wary of humans. His mother did her best to protect him at all times, and taught him everything she knew. The two spent many hours swimming freely in the ocean, but his father resented Callum’s mother. Especially as she grew older, his father having impregnated his mother when she was seventeen. When his mother fell ill and died, Callum and his father traveled through the Atlantic ocean and ended up at the shores of New York. His father purchased a house, and later hooked up with eighteen year old Flora, another kelpie, and had Jakob. Callum resents his father for going after such younger girls, and for cheating. He has seen his father many times with young women when his step-mom was not around, most of them aging from seventeen to twenty, but he has stooped as low to go after sixteen year olds. Callum decided to start fishing when he was sixteen, and has since saved money so he could take his younger brother and move out.
Talent(s):Excellent swimmer and fisher, good at painting
Hobbies: Fishing, painting, swimming, drowning people
Extra Information: When in salt water, Callum automatically turns into his Kelpie form. However, he chooses if he turns when he is in pools or fresh water. Yet, if he goes underwater in a pool or fresh water, he turns into a Kelpie automatically.

Strength - 9/10
Sex Appeal - 6/10
Teamwork - 5/10
Speed - 7/10
Eyesight - 7/10
Accuracy w/ Aim - 4/10
Distance w/ Aim - 4/10
Health Endurance - 8/10
Stamina - 8/10
Mana  - 7/10
Wisdom/Intelligence - 6/10
Agility - 8/10
Immune System - 6/10
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